Making a sustainable mark in development.


Hi, I’m Jen Ross.

I have a unique combination of global development, program management, business and marketing communication skills that add value for the people I work with.

I’ve recently returned from Laos where I was working to strengthen the capacity of a team that support female entrepreneurs across the country.

Highlighted Skills

Project operations – management of client relationships, consultants/advisers, contracts, HR, financials, logistics, security, OHS, reporting, and risk.

Australia Awards – short course award design, delivery and M&E; in-country scholarships partnerships and M&E; long term awards M&E, policy, institution relationship management, DFAT relationship management, third country scoping, OASIS data management, reintegration workshops.

M&E – logframes, theory of change and tracking tools.

Capacity development – skills analysis, coaching, mentoring and reflective practice.

Event management – logistics and workshop facilitation.

Business development – BD research and proposal writing.

Cross-cultural skills – Africa, Asia and the Pacific.


Master of Evaluation, University of Melbourne (online part-time study; Jul 2016 – current).

Master of Social Science (International Development) with Distinction, RMIT University, 2011.

Bachelor of Commerce Honours (Marketing), University of New England (UNE), 2006.

Bachelor of Commerce (Human Resource Management and Marketing), UNE, 2003.

Projects I’ve worked on

  • Proposal writing and project management capacity development for a female entrepreneurship association (Laos)
  • Start-up phase of a large governance program (Australia and Indonesia)
  • M&E capacity building for Australia Awards in-country scholarships team (Papua New Guinea [PNG])
  • Operations management for a law and justice program (PNG)
  • Australia Awards scholarships program for Afghanistan (Australia, Jordan and the UAE)
  • Malaysia-Australia teacher training project for Afghanistan (Australia)
  • Coffee and cocoa smallholder survey (PNG)
  • Public Financial Management short course award for PNG institutions (Australia and PNG)
  • Dryland Farming short course award in Australia, Ethiopia and Tunisia (Australia)
  • Microfinance research internship (Bangladesh)
  • South Pacific Games television broadcast support (Samoa)
  • Event marketing and sponsorship capacity development (Samoa)
  • University marketing and public relations events management (Australia)

Companies and countries

I’ve worked with some truly talented people at great companies such as Cardno, Grameen Bank, The Palladium Group, University of Queensland and University of New England. I’ve worked and/or completed inputs in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Japan, Jordan, Laos, PNG, Samoa and the UAE. I’ve also remotely supported activities which were delivered in Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Malaysia and Tunisia. Complementing this experience is my strong interest in travel, which has taken me to Europe, Asia and Africa.

Why do I work in development?

I want to see a world where opportunity, education, and empowerment can be accessed more readily. I’m driven by a personal understanding of what Warren Buffett coined the ovarian lottery. Life, and the opportunities life affords me, could easily be so different.

I’m passionate about education because education is the key to escaping inter-generational poverty. I’m also passionate about literacy and women’s economic empowerment. Because I believe learning outside of the formal education system is important, continually challenging myself to develop new skills is a major part of my life.

It’s the combination of my upbringing, education and experiences that underpin my approach to my work.